Friday, April 15, 2011

Good stories needed, I mean, really, really needed.

  • Well, today, for about the millionth time in Mrs. Simmons English class, we had to write a story about a time we had to "overcome our fears." Seriously, though phrased differently, we pretty much get this same topic every time - "When I faced my fears", "When I didn't think I could do it, yet did", "A time when I had to use Tae-Kwon-do and defeated 18 ninjas." (okay, we've never had that last one, but it would be so cool if we had.) Anyway, adults seem to think future adults - we are taking their jobs soon, and probably be better at them, so they may be transferring their fear to us-that we live in constant fear on ahourly basis.

  • "Oh my gosh!!! There's a squirrel on the sidewalk. It might rip my throat out!!! No, Thaddeus, just face your fears and step into the grass to skirt this killer tree rodent. Hooray, you faced your fears! "

  • My thinking is that we need to take back our story telling. So that's what I'm doing. We kids should start trading story ideas, fear involved or not, and actually write about something. So if you have any story ideas, post them here. I've got all kinds of great advice and comments that your teachers will never tell you, and other kids with constructive criticism or positive feedback can help also. I'm figuring we know good story telling better than these freaked out adults. C'mon guys, let's take back good story telling!!!

  • The adults may have messed it up, but we can show them that life doesn't have to be all boring, full of lessons that can be stated in a thesis statement, and involving fear. Looking forward to hearing your story ideas (except Billy Cunningham - A story about a kid who has a possessed arm that is "always punching yourself" is not a story)

  • Thaddeus A. Ledbetter, Editor and Chief (self appointed)