Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dumbest Game Ever

Again, I would like to thank you adults for misleading us kids with your dumb games. Having us decide disputes with "Rocks, Papers, Scissors" just messes up how we see the world.

Let's look at the rules

"Paper covers Rock" - Really? I guess the laws of physics don't apply to this game. I know when my mom opens the window, not wanting my rock collection to blow away, I put a nice sheet of loose leaf paper on it. I've misunderstood "paperweights" all this time.

"Rock beats Scissors" - Maybe if you have anger problems. I, for one, have never seen a pair of scissors and thought, "I am so angry at those scissors I'm going to smash them with this rock!" And if your in an alley fight, I'm thinking the guy with the scissors is going to beat the rock guy. After you throw your rock and miss, you're going to be stabbed repeatedly by sharp steel.

Scissors cut Paper" - At least this make sense in the physical world, but is the paper really bad off afterwards? Maybe you cut it into a nice snowflake or happy face. That's not a loss.

Seriously, don't mislead us with your shananigans.


  1. I think the paper they're talking about has not been made into paper yet.